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Nicolaci Palace Villadorata in Noto

The majestic settings of Nicolaci Palace Villadorata in Noto welcome us in this journey in search of forgotten reality to be rediscovered. The ground floors of the Palace, which we currently occupy, have been abandoned for a long time, but originally they were the busiest part of the house and that is what we wish to bring back to life.

These spaces were in fact used in the '700 for storage. The large estate of the Nicolaci family produced a whole lot of goods, such as extra virgin olive oil, lemons and oranges of Avola, almonds from Noto, prickly pears, and the other fruits. The inner courtyard, with its beautiful central well ornate with jasmine, was once a lush garden, then it was turned into a place of encounter and exchange, on decision of Don Giacomo Nicolaci extraordinary figure who in 1737 gave birth to the modernization of the palace we admire today. With the same spirit of sharing the environment and the beauty that surrounds us, creations of Officine Villadorata are designed to evoke the soul of this place.


Raw materials used to make our soap are carefully selected throughout Sicily, from the rich South East all the way through Etna and its incredible biodiversity until the mythological Aeolian Islands. Each area offering something unique like capers from Salina, pumice stone from Lipari or dark lava stone from Stromboli, all of them handpicked so to maintain unaltered their quintessence.

The best of what the island offers is then blended with the key ingredient: fresh organic extra virgin oil to give life to the Officine Villadorata range of products (solid, liquid soaps and oils butters).

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