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Soap of
long ago

Officine Villadorata

Officine Villadorata is a small soap company born in Noto, in the south-eastern tip of Sicily, from our passion for local craftsmanship and the excellency of raw materials one can find in the area.

We strive to recreate the “soap of long ago”, crafted with local ingredients, ancestral recipes and simple gestures.

In the skills of making by hand, often disregarded, one create unique soaps able to transcend its main purpose and become small pieces of art.


The passion for everything «hand made» is what guides us throughout production process. The craftsmanship of the artisans we met along our path is priceless and we wish to preserve it as long as we can.

So we don’t just select the finest raw materials that surround us, we also allow the wise Sicilian craftsmen to transform them, because only in this way we can pass on all their qualities to the final product.

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